Product Inspection

Quality Control will be carried out throughout the whole order following the process.

  • Make sure quality level required by clients
  • Check materials and accessories before massive production
  • Check the quality during producing
  • Check the quality when we are collecting the goods according to our client confirmed sample or requirements
  • Check the product packing and carton packing is consistent with client’s requirements.
  • If anything is different, we will
    • Report to clients to check if they can accept.
    • Ask the supplier to re-work until it is satisfied.
    • Refuse the goods and figure out Plan B together with clients

We usually make an inspection in 3 case

  • Make basic inspection by focusing on outlook packing and quantity.
  • Random inspection according to AQL standard.
  • 100% inspection

It will depend on the detailed requirements of clients. Different inspections will have different costs.

ASIA Sourcing and Inspection Agency