International Coorperation

We had a lot of international cooperation with our clients at present. We are seeking all kinds of cooperation with our clients to develop their local market. The cooperation could be information share, local service, strategic partner, financial investment, and so on.

Cooperation of Your Local Market Developing

If you have any plan or ambition to extend your local market, we are willing to cooperate in any situation.

  • We can help you find a good supplier with credit.
  • We can help you to enter a new business area.
  • We can establish a co-holding company to develop a market together in your country.

Financial Support on Your Local Market Developing

Financial Support could be worked mainly in 3 ways.

  • Order Credit Support, 1-6 months, depending on International Credit Investigation and Evaluation. It fit the clients, in which sales are more than 5 million dollars a year.
  • Direct Investment–We could invest together with our worldwide clients to enter a new business area or market or extend their existing business mostly by establishing the co-hold company.
  • Marketing Cooperation–We take responsibility for everything in India (product, international shipping), you take responsibility for local sales.

We have good experience working with online sellers in most countries, especially in Europe and the USA. We can help them in a lot of ways.

  • New Product Sourcing— Sometimes just a picture, we can find the product or produce it with our strong nationwide supply chain. We will recommend newest products in your industry to achieve first hand information.
  • Customized Products— It is important in such a competitive online selling world to make your products different from others, even it is just a little difference.
  • Purchase and Warehousing— we can help you to get lower quantity to lower your stock risk. Sometimes, we keep stock, you can ask us to ship according to your sales, not need to pay for stock.
  • Marketplace Knowledge — We do understand most popular marketplaces rules very well, such as Amazon, eBay, ETSY. We help you to control the quality, customize packing, labelling, and shipping with lowest cost.

Online New Starter Full Support — Product Sourcing and Supply, Credit, International Shipping, Packing, Quality Control, After-sale Service an so on at any Marketplace.

If you are a new starter for online selling, we can do everything on products side or supplier side. You maybe just need to know how to sell the product at marketplace. We even can help you to market if you have knowledge or source of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or other local social media platforms.

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