Price Quotation

  • All product price we quote is supplier’s price, which can be EXW(Ex Works) price, FOB or CIF terms(terms depend on you).
  • We only charge a reasonable percent of the product amount as a service charge, and we will follow up on producing and shipping. We can work as your own sourcing department.
  • No upfront fee is charged when we start the sourcing service, we only charge when you are satisfied with everything with us from sourcing, quotation, order following to shipping. We are committed to source high-quality products with the best possible cost via a completely transparent process; NO HIDDEN FEE will be charged.
  • By Paying the fees we help you coordinate between suppliers and you from product sourcing, factory audits, order follow-ups, quality inspections, and shipping support to make bringing products from India to you easier.

ASIA Sourcing and Inspection Agency